Get a 3-month payment holiday at £0 or €0.*

Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe Finance offers you a 3-month deferral on payment for new equipment from the complete Hyundai Construction Equipment machine range*.


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*This promotional offer is valid for all new equipment from the complete Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe machine range. Attachments and accessories may not be included in promotional pricing. Promotional financing is only available through a lease or financial contract with Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe Finance. Please refer to your Hyundai dealer for other promotional rates on these models. Financing is available to qualified customers in the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, The Netherlands and Belgium. Participation on the promotion is  subject to creditintegrity equipment approval as well as local legal and regulatory requirements. Offer applies to Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe equipment delivered to the end-customer before September 30th 2020. A down payment of 10% is required. Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe Finance is a trademark of Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe.


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