New Hyundai R30-9AK compact excavator

Hyundai extends its compact excavators range with the introduction of the brand new R30Z-9AK, which was making its world-debut at SaMoTer 2017 in Verona, Italy.

The R30Z-9AK compact design and zero tail swing radius allows the operator to work in confined areas such as close to buildings on roadways, and in inner-city areas - the boom can be offset left or right within an operating range. The 2,880 kg machine is targeted at contractors and tradesmen who need a reliable and productive machine, the R30Z-9AK rounds out Hyundai’s mini excavator range and is a compact, nimble
machine that provides plenty of power to get the job done. The large dozer blade on the machine provides added versatility, work efficiency and stability for the job in hand.



New Kubota Diesel Powered Engine

The new R30Z-9AK is powered by a reliable, fuel efficient, low noise Kubota D1305 engine which is rated at 18.1kW (24.97 HP) at 2,350 rpm – this brand-new model supersedes the R27Z-9. The Kubota D1305 engine is a compact multi-cylinder liquid cooled industrial diesel engine which complies with the latest EU emission regulations and requires no additional After Treatment Tools.



Advanced Hydraulic System

The R30Z-9AK hydraulic system is precision designed for fast operation with fine control capabilities. The machine is designed to reduce operating costs over time with bushings designed for long-life lube intervals (250 hrs) and polymer shims which are wear resistant and noise reducing. Long-life hydraulic filters (1,000hrs) and long-life hydraulic oil (5,000hrs) are also incorporated with more efficient cooling systems and integrated preheating systems which extend service intervals, minimize operating costs and reduce machine down time. A four-way proportional hydraulic control is available as an option on the R30Z-9AK.



Comfortable and Spacious Cabin

Weighing it at almost 3-tonnes this machine is fitted with a comfortable, spacious and durable cabin which has been ergonomically designed, with reduced sound levels and good visibility.

Operators can easily adjust the seat and wrist rests settings to best suit their preferred operating position. For example, the pedals are positioned for additional floor space and for convenient access. An additional storage box with key lock is also built-in which is accessible under the operator's seat for extra storage and security. A suspension seat is also included. On the cabin option, a sliding fold-in front window is easily opened and safely stored in an open position to improve ventilation and visibility.



Stronger Structure Strength

The R30Z-9AK cabin structure has been fitted with stronger but slimmer tubing for added safety and improved visibility. Low-stress, high strength steel is integrally welded to form a stronger, more durable upper and lower frame. Structural integrity was tested by way of FEM (Finite Elements Method) analysis and long-term durability tests



Safety Features on the New R30Z-9AK

A safety lock system is incorporated into the design to prevent exiting the cabin while hydraulic controls are live. When the safety lever and left side console are positioned upright, hydraulic functions are disengaged. A tiltable left-side console makes it easier for operator to enter and exit the cab. The new machine also features an auto shift traveling system, where during high-speed traveling, travel motor speed decreases automatically when subjected to heavy load, and resumes when the load reduces.



In Cabin Monitor – Digital Cluster

The monitoring system in the R30Z-9AK includes seven warning indicators, for productive, convenient operating. The cluster provides the operator with machine status information, including: engine oil pressure lamp, battery charge lamp, engine coolant temperature and a fuel gauge – these keep the operator aware of the machines performance at all times.



Easy and Simple Maintenance

The R30Z-9AK was built with accessibility in mind. All doors, covers and hoods were built for complete open access – for example - the battery is located below the radiator which makes regular servicing and maintenance easy and convenient.