Hyundai Parts

When you buy Hyundai Construction Equipment, you get not only high-quality products but also excellent parts availability from factory-trained Hyundai parts professionals. Because Hyundai Parts are specifically designed to meet the requirements of Hyundai Construction Equipment, they extend the service life of your machine, reduce downtime, protect your investment and increase the resale value of your equipment. Only Hyundai Parts are designed and approved to get the very best performance from your Hyundai machine.


Hyundai European Parts Distribution Center

Hyundai's European Parts Distributions Center is located in Belgium to support dealers and customers in Europe promptly. The warehouse houses over 75,000 items and it has over 12,000 m² as a storage area. Our warehouse workers are dedicated to ensure efficient full-service parts operation, from receiving to picking up, packing and shipment. Also, our team is proactively working to ensure customer satisfaction.

Hyundai Genuine Parts

All Genuine Parts of Hyundai are specifically designed and manufactured for Hyundai Construction Equipment. Hyundai Genuine Parts are always the safest and the best choice.

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