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Hyundai Warranty Programs

Hyundai Standard and Extended Warranty Programmes

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Hyundai Construction Equipment reputations lies not only in the quality of its products, but also in the value of its warranty programs. Hyundai Construction Equipment offers through its authorised dealers one of the strongest warranties in the industry, providing the customer not only a peace of mind but also an added value to the product.

Which Hyundai Warranty Programme is right for you?

Extended Warranties

    Hyundai Construction Equipment offers through its authorized dealers a variety of Extended Warranty Programs that protect your investment and add value to your machine. Hyundai Construction Equipment extended warranty allows you to cover your machine up to a total of 5 years or 10,000 operating hours with the choice of covering the full machine or only main components. There are no deductibles and it is transferable when reselling the machine!

    Registering for an extended warranty program also guarantees you the use of genuine parts and the service of the best technicians trained and certified by Hyundai Construction Equipment.

    Contact our local dealer for more details and quotations. 

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Hyundai Standard Warranties

    New products are warrantied through the Hyundai Construction equipment’s dealer network. All models benefit from 2 years or 3,000h standard warranty protecting customers for repair cost and offering a great added value when trading in.

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