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Track your machines anytime, anywhere. 

Your remote fleet management system 

When it comes to machine diagnostics and up time, more is more. That’s why we have Hi-MATE, our proprietary remote management system that gives you access, no matter your location, to vital service and diagnostic information for all Hyundai mind to large excavators and wheel loaders.  

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GPS-Satellite Technology 

Up-to-date machine location information, including latitude, longitude, country and region is available through GPS-satellite technology. If a machine is moved from one location to another, users can track the location by clicking on the “Machine Travel” menu.

Operating History 

Detailed information regarding the machines daily operating history is available on the daily report section. Included in this report is: hour-meter, engine hours, fuel remaining, time of key-on and key-off, and machine location visible on a digital map.

Geo-Fencing & Theft Prevention

Users can program a virtual Geo-fence to prevent the machine from leaving a specified geographic area. Once Geo-Fencing is set, a red circle is visible around the machine icon on the map. If the machine is moved outside the Geo-Fence boundary, an alarm is triggered and submitted to Hi-MATE, notifying the user of the time and date of occurrence.

Fuel Level Monitoring 

Hi-MATE helps you end downtime by keeping your machines in tip top shape and operating daily. Detailed daily reports will inform you in advance when your fleet needs re-fueling.


A demonstration of how Hi-Mate can be used to protect from theft
Table showing information about fuel consumption

6 Reasons to choose Hi-MATE

Hi-MATE provides you with comprehensive information regarding your equipment location and operational information.

Archived operating history

Equipment performance report

Hyundai fleet management

Real-Time alarm information

Theft Prevention

Fuel management