Wheel Loaders


As soon as you settle into the seat of the HL965, you’re in a different world. The right technologies have been carefully selected to offer you better comfort and safety. The tough exterior is enhanced with strengthening features for added durability.

20100 kg

Cummins QSL9

201 kW

3,60 m³

Technical details



You can count on the HL965 wheel loader to handle even the biggest amounts of material. This machine's size is particularly useful for handling granular material – such as sand and gravel – in industrial, mining and quarrying applications. And it's an ideal machine for infrastructure applications too. Unparalleled performance realised by strong power at low speed and with excellent fuel efficiency.


ECO Gauge enables economic operation of machines. The gauge level changes colour with the engine torque and fuel efficiency level.  When operators use the accelerator pedal, the ECO pedal, which can distinguish between economical operation and power operation, intuitively recognises economical operation to reduce fuel consumption.


The HL965 Wheel Loader is equipped with a sealed driveline centre bearing with robust support to retain reliability in the long term, which prolongs the service life of the HL965 Wheel Loader significantly. Silent, safe and comfortable – the 10% larger ROPS/FOPS cabin with fully adjustable seat provides an ergonomic working environment that offers the ultimate in comfort for the operator. The electro-hydraulic Controls offers the operator to operate attachments with less strength, enabling greater productivity and minimising fatigue of the operator. Monitor your Hyundai equipment and manage maintenance to reduce operating costs with Hi-MATE Telemetics. A flick of a switch is what it takes to gain complete access to the engine compartment of the HL965 Wheel Loader. The fully retractable engine hood allows easy cleaning and maintenance. 

Up to 5% Greater productivity based on the 4th gear

Up to 7% More fuel-efficient in truck loading

2 dB Reduction in cabin noise

Tailored technologies to boost your productivity

“It’s both powerful and very efficient in a wide range of jobs, especially truck-loading.”

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Eco Pedal

An Eco Pedal allows you to switch the power operating range easily within the optimal fuel consumption range.

Engine Auto Shutdown

This option ensures that the engine shuts down automatically when the machine is at rest to cut fuel consumption and prevent unnecessary emissions.

Automatic/manual Weighing System

The highly accurate automatic/manual cumulative weighing system helps you to manage production more efficiently in any environment. For maximum precision, weighing error icons and a two-colour weight value indicator are displayed on the monitor.

Initial Service Interval

The initial service interval for the oil and oil filter is extended to 250 hours to increase uptime and reduce maintenance costs.

Tilt-back engine hood

The tilt-back engine hood is fully retractable and can be opened electrically for easy access to the sealed engine room and cooling room. The engine room is designed to prevent the possibility of fire caused by the inflow of foreign materials.

Cabin Comfort

The large, comfortable seat with a headrest and fully adjustable armrests. Cabin space is increased by integrating the attachment control levers in the armrest, which also makes operation more comfortable. An air suspension seat and seat heating are available as options.

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