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The new HW100A and HW65A are the latest members of our rapidly growing A-Series wheeled excavator range. The 10 and 6.5-tonne machines offer state-of the art comfort with a new control cluster and better visibility, while a new powerful Stage V engine increases productivity. Read on and discover even more reasons to buy.

Cab comfort

With a new control cluster making operating even easier, push start ignition, better climate control and a heated seat, plus DAB-radio on the HW100A, we have some of the most comfortable and cutting-edge cabs on the market.

HW100 Hyundai Wheeled Excavator Cab


A new powerful Stage V Hyundai engine with more torque and swing speed, plus new load sensing hydraulic system allow better machine handling and more accurate use of attachments. With the addition of 4-wheel steering on the HW100A, you can enjoy increased productivity on even the most challenging work sites.

HW65 Hyundai Wheeled Excavator Street

Efficient & Affordable

Our new Stage V engine isn’t just very powerful, it also delivers best-in-class fuel economy. And with no additives required and other fuel-efficient features like Auto-idle on the HW100A, you can enjoy a reduced cost of ownership for many years to come.

HW100 Hyundai Wheeled Excavator Road

Two Models to fit your world


HW65A wheeled excavator stationary on a white background
View the HW65A
Weight   5.9 - 6.4 tonnes
Engine Hyundai DM02VB
Max Power 48.5 kW
Bucket 0.18 m³


HW100A wheeled excavator stationary on a white background
View the HW100A
Operating Weight 10.7-11.1 tonnes
Engine Hyundai D34
Max Power 75 kW
Bucket 0.28 m³

Tackle tough jobs effortlessly with Hyundai wheeled excavators. They'll roll in and out of any challenge with ease. Experience their power and reliability today for smooth project completion.

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