What to expect at Bauma 2019?

HCEE intends to present 15 products at Bauma, of which six European premieres. Both the new 1-tonne machine HX10 A and the 8,5 tonnes HX85A CR are long awaited additions to the compact excavator range. The line-up also includes the release of the newest models of the Stage V compliant range excavators and wheel loaders: The HX85A CR, HX220A L, HX300A L and HL960A. The new HX900 L, which is specifically designed for the demands of the European construction and quarry industries, will replace the R800LC-9. This 90-tonne machine has been developed using market-leading technology to deliver exceptional productivity. The HX900 L is the second largest Hyundai machine in the range sitting behind the gargantuan 120 tonnes R1200-9.


Construction Equipment Machine List

The most significant change Hyundai brings to Bauma 2019 is the focus on advanced technology, the new “Tiger Eye” design for the compact excavator range and the service enhancements. There are numerous technological updates for specific machines including EPIC (Electric Pump Independent Control), EPFC (Electric Positive Flow Control), Auto Safety Lock, Eco Guidance, MG (Machine Guidance)/ MC (Machine Control), IWM (Intelligent Work Mode), Radar and Remote Door Control. All these technological improvements directly relate to improved fuel efficiency, higher productivity, enhanced safety, productivity or convenience.

Service enhancements include ECD (Engine Connected Diagnostics), MCD (Machine Connected Diagnostics), FOTA (Firmware over the Air), HCE-DT (HCE Diagnostics Tool) and monthly reporting via Hi-MATE. They mainly contribute to a longer uptime of the machines and a better management. In addition, at Bauma Hyundai begins the roll-out of Stage V compliant diesel engines, with reduced exhaust emissions and improved fuel economy.


Preliminary Bauma 2019 machine list:

  • HX10 A, mini excavator, NEW
  • R18-9, mini excavator
  • R25-9AK, mini excavator
  • HX85A CR (Stage V), compact excavator, NEW
  • HW140, wheeled excavator
  • HW180, wheeled excavator
  • HX145 LCR, crawler excavator, zero tail
  • HX235 LCR, crawler excavator, zero tail
  • HX220A L (stage V), crawler excavator, NEW, including EPFC, Auto Safety Lock, Eco Guidance and MG/MC
  • HX300A L (stage V), crawler excavator, NEW, including EPIC, Auto Safety Lock, Eco Guidance and MG/MC
  • HX900 L, crawler excavator, NEW
  • HL940, wheel loader
  • HL960 HD, wheel loader, Heavy Duty
  • HL960A (Stage V), wheel loader, NEW, Eco Guidance, IWM, Radar and Remote Door Control
  • HL975, wheel loader

Hyundai booth at Bauma 2019: Experience the Hyundai Effect

Visitors are welcome at the outdoor Hyundai pavilion FM.812A to discover the brand new corporate identity of Hyundai Construction Equipment. The new look and feel of the booth will help HCEE in establishing the brand stronger and increase the brand awareness. HCEE aims to be a great company to do business with. Staff members from Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe, Hyundai Headquarters Korea, product specialists and the European dealer network look forward to welcoming visitors with an interest in Hyundai’s products. There is something interesting to see for every visitor. Highlights include the new 1 tonne mini excavator, the new Stage V products, the enormous HX900 L, a merchandising shop and a dedicated area to discover the latest technological advancements and visual entertainment. Hyundai customers are welcome in the hospitality areas.


About Bauma 2019

Commenting on the importance of Bauma, Jongho Chun, Managing Director of HCEE, said, “In 2019 we want to continue to excel in what we do. We want to be a great company to do business with. This year we continue focusing on growing our market share in a profitable way. We are continuously expanding and improving our European dealer network, investing in our product line-up and R&D, committing to invest in the employees in our organisation, earn our spot with the key accounts and continuously investigate partnerships and acquisitions. Bauma 2019 offers us a truly international platform to showcase the Hyundai Effect to our end-customers.”

Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe can be found at Bauma in the open-air area FM.812A