Ready to change the world!

The HX220AL introduces a new era. Coming with a new engine platform (Stage V), a new hydraulic flow regulation, improved operator controls with 2D/3D machine guidance, new safety features, and improved uptime and productivity, this 22-tonne crawler excavator will leave its mark in the construction equipment industry.



New Technology on the HX220AL

The HX220AL will incorporate some of Hyundai’s new technologies, as there are:

  • EPFC or Electric Positive Flow Control. EPFC results in the improvement of fuel efficiency and controllability by a flow reduction technique for excavator operations.
  • Auto Safety Lock prevents unintended operation/start of the machine of the excavator in order to improve safety.
  • Eco guidance indicates inefficient operation status to prevent fuel consumption by improper working habits on the machine cluster.
  • MG/MC or Machine Guidance / Machine Control. Indicates the work status and automatically controls the attachment to assist the driver. The MG displays the position of the bucket tip with respect to the pre-defined target surface. The MC will automatically control the grading with the bucket tip or face and will have an automatic stop control: up, down, forward and cabin protection.


New Service Features on the HX220AL

All A-series excavators will incorporate several new service features that have been developed and tested with the goal to improve machine uptime, reducing unnecessary time wasters caused by the machines’ downtime.

  • ECD (Engine Connected Diagnostics) will support the After Sales technicians and dealers with a diagnostics report (via e-mail, mobile, app or Hi-MATE, HCE’s own telematic system) on the engine performance. This results in an improved engine fault code monitoring and will ensue that After Sales technicians arrive on site with the necessary tools and fix trouble in one visit.
  • MCD (Machine Connected Diagnostics) allows to easily gather and analyse various data on the machine performance related to fault in Hi-MATE. This will result in an improved uptime.
  • FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) allows for remote software updates for MCU (Machine Control Unit) and RMCU (Remote Machine Control Unit) whenever there is a software update available in Hi-MATE. Upon starting the machine, the operator gets a notification stating he needs to install the updates for MCU and RMCU. When the operator has finished the installation the dealer administrator receives a confirmation.
  • HCE-DT is the Hyundai Construction Equipment offline equipment Diagnostics which provides troubleshooting information using Hi-MATE user authentication.
  • Monthly report (generated by Hi-MATE) – The report generated by Hi-MATE allows for improved fleet management by sending monthly e-mail reports including a summary of the operation and the fuel consumption analysis.

All-in-one exhaust after treatment with the Cummins engine: best-in-class solution

The A-series stage V exhaust after-treatment is furthermore based on an all-in-one solution, which means a unique exhaust muffler integrating the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), the DEF injector (SCR) and a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). Most notably the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) could be removed, having been compensated by further improving the other technologies. This results in a simple but powerful and environmental-friendly solution with increased reliability and easy maintenance – and most of all reduced fuel consumption and lower operating cost.



Commenting on the HX220AL

Peter Sebold, Product Specialist at HCEE, comments: “The HX220AL kicks off the introduction of our new A-series – a range of machines with intelligent features, that will cater to the demand of our modern society for smart machines, clean machines, but still robust and productive powerhouses. And that is Hyundai’s strength - solid and unbreakable products.”