Between March and June 2019, an old sawmill in Ornbau (a city in Bavaria near Lake Altmühlsee) is being demolished to make way for a new building for pallet production.


Wheeled excavators are flexible demolition aids

The client is Albert Bösendorfer GmbH, a sawmill and pallet plant that produces single-use and reusable pallets, special and chemical pallets, and packaging wood. Wood chips and sawdust for pellet production round out the portfolio.

The waste management company Tremel Entsorgungs- und Transport GmbH, with its 
35 employees, is also involved as a subcontractor at the large demolition site. The company, founded by Fred Tremel, uses a Hyundai HW140 wheeled excavator with a two-piece boom on the construction site. It is responsible for hammering and loading work. It breaks up the reinforced basement ceilings and helps to load the concrete remnants onto dump trucks and heavy-goods vehicles. Tremel maintains a good relationship with Hyundai dealer Engelhardt Baumaschinen GmbH in Schopfloch.

The 13.88 metric ton wheeled excavator, which can travel up to 39 km/h, is designed especially for the demanding European market. It proves its worth with its 117 kW Cummins Stage IV final engine, ZF axles, and high-quality pumps and valve blocks from Hyundai and Kawasaki. Up to 15% fuel savings compared to the previous series is another plus. The modern and very spacious air-conditioned infotainment cabin offers the operator a quiet, low-vibration workplace with plenty of windows. Depending on the application, attachment and environment, the excavator operator can choose from three working modes:


P mode (Power): maximum speed and power for heavy work
S mode (Standard): performance and fuel efficiency for general work
E mode (Economy): control for light work.

The operator selects the working pressure and oil flow for up to 10 attachments via the LCD display. The AAVM (Advanced Around View Monitoring) system and the Moving Objects Detection system that warn about people in the working area considerably increase the safety of the machine – optional equipment subsidised by the Employer's Liability Insurance Association (BG). The HW140 comes as standard with the Hi-Mate electronic evaluation system, which transmits machine data and consumption values via UMTS upon request, thus enabling the operator to continuously monitor the machine data.

Wheeled excavators are the "Swiss army knife" of every construction site – fast, agile and powerful. The 4,900 mm adjustable boom can be combined with three dipper arms of 1,900 to 2,500 mm. With the longest arm, the machine reaches a digging depth of about 5,400 mm while maintaining high breakout forces. The chassis, with 2,600 wheelbase, is extremely robust. The dozer blade, shield and two claw supports or four claw supports make it possible to configure the HW140 for every imaginable construction and handling application.

As variable booms are often combined for sewer, below ground and special underground construction, the lifting capacity of the HW140 plays a major role. 

With the 1,700 kg counterweight and the dozer blade lowered, the Hyundai HW140 can lift 4,300 kg loads in the longitudinal direction with a 3,000 mm reach. Swing Lock (prevents accidental pivoting of the superstructure – useful when driving on roads) and Fine Swing (makes work with the superstructure more precise) are available as options for complicated work.