Willibald Klarmann founded his construction machinery sales and leasing business over 20 years ago. Today it has 37 employees and covers five sites. And since 15 July 2019 the company is the new Hyundai authorised dealer in the lower, mid, and upper Franconia regions. Besides the head office at Eltmann, near Bamberg, the firm is also represented in Baiersdorf, Suhl, Bamberg and Dettelbach. A modern branch was recently opened in Dettelbach near Würzburg to service customers in the Würzburg/Lower Franconia area.


Klarmann-Lembach also operates a leasing fleet of around 1,000 items of equipment. This will now be enhanced by the addition of heavy wheel loaders and crawler excavators. "This enables us to offer our customers an even wider range of equipment, thus ensuring even greater loyalty to us. In addition, Hyundai CE machinery is most suitable to hire for demanding jobs." explained Willibald Klarmann.

He selected Hyundai large construction equipment, starting at a working weight of 40 tons for chain excavators, and from 4.5m3 for heavy wheel loaders, to enter into the Klarmann range thus completing the upper end of the existing portfolio of construction machinery.

The trading firm, based in Eltmann bei Bamberg, achieves annual sales of around €15 m. A good 60% of the turnover is earned from construction machinery, with the remainder from importing US cars. He has been building up this extremely successful business line since 2011. 37 people are employed at the Eltmann, Baiersdorf, Dettelbach, Suhl and Bamberg sites - half of them are experienced construction machinery mechanics. There are seven sales staff and also administrative staff. The company's 45,000 m2 headquarters house the offices, the spare parts store, and the workshops, where repairs and refits are carried out on heavy machinery weighing up to 100 tons. In addition, Eltmann is the base for the leasing fleet as well as the head office for its own large stock of vehicles from which the company makes its deliveries. Sons Markus and Stefan Klarmann both work for the company and are already ensuring continuity in the company's future management.

Klarmann-Lembach also operates a leasing fleet of construction machinery consisting of 1,000 items, and this will be expanded with the addition of current Hyundai products, in particular heavy machinery. The background to this is that the sales region is home to very many mining operations and for many years the company has been supplying them with dump trucks - now it sees itself as a full liner.