Edimac srl recently became part of the Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe family, as the new dealer of Central Italy. Edimac, established in 1975, sells and leases construction machines in the regions of Molise, Marche, and Abruzzo.


The headquarters of Edimac are located in Pescara; the company has been in the business of selling and leasing construction machines for over 40 years, and it has become a reference point in Central Italy for companies which are active in the industry of construction, public institutions, industries, waste recovery, and quarries.

The new Dealer is able to provide the best solution according to the needs of its clients, is currently using a new large fleet of machines, and has now added a partner of the highest quality: Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe. As of September 2018, Edimac began to sell in Central Italy the complete HCEE line for the construction industry, and has obtained excellent results.

Gerardo Gigli, Administrator of Edimac srl, said: “After about thirty years of cooperation with another important brand in the Construction industry, we decided to change and looked for a company able to match our customers’ expectations, especially with regard to the heavy line. We decided to choose Hyundai Construction Equipment: It is a brand that gives us the opportunity to compete with major players in the market, thanks to an important series of products and to a quality and reliability universally recognized. The giant Korean company is enjoining a substantial growth in the European markets and, even in Italy; its products are very much appreciated, especially because of their excellent quality/price ratio. Already with the first machines delivered, we noticed a positive result, thanks to the high quality of the Hyundai vehicles, and the customers have enthusiastically reacted. Edimac is a point of reference for companies active in Central Italy: This ideal partner has distinguished itself for 49 years, because of its solidity, reliability, and corporate continuity. Thanks to our new partnership with Hyundai, we have a lot of faith in the future. Already about ten machines are used in several construction sites and are enjoying an excellent performance. Hyundai provides superior products and Edimac ensures efficient and timely technical support. It is a perfect combination!”.

With regard to the new partnership, Luca Bellini, Regional Sales Manager of Hyundai CE for Southern Europe, said: “We are really satisfied of having had the opportunity to involve Edimac in our project. This new partnership is in line with the strategy which we are pursuing for the Italian market, trying to identify and involve the best dealers present in the territory and to ensure an ideal coverage, especially in the areas that are now less served of Central and Southern Italy. With Edimac, it has been easy to come to an agreement, also because of its thirty-year-long knowledge of the territory and expertise, with regard to sales and also to service, which is, as we know, an essential element, to support today, in the best possible way, the end-customer”.