The construction machine dealer located in Oberhausen-Rheinhausen in the Rhein-Neckar metropolitan area has become an important business partner since its collaboration with Hyundai Construction Equipment in 2016. The rental fleet of wheel loaders and crawler excavators, currently with over 200 machines is being constantly extended by Hyundai. The versatile machines are used in construction and special applications in demolition, civil engineering and canal construction, and as carriers.


The sales region of the business that has a staff of 28 covers a radius of 80 km around the location. This reaches the economic zones of Mannheim, Heidelberg, Speyer, Bruchsal, Kaiserslautern and Karlsruhe. By now, the following large Hyundai machines are in use in the ZWO rental fleet:

Mini Excavators

2 x R16
1 x R17
3 x R18
2 x R25 
3 x R30

Crawler excavators

3 x HX220L, 136 kW, 22.1 t
1 x HX235LCR, 129 kW, 24 t
1 x HX180, 96 kW, 18.1 t
1 x HW180, 127 kW, 17.1 t
4 x HX145LCR, 87 kW, 14 t 

Wheel loader

1 x HL960, 168 kW, 19.5 t

Particularly versatile and greatly requested rental machine is the short-tail digger HX145LCR, about which director Olav Zwingenberger says: "We have many clients who use large machines intensively on their sites. That's why we have selected the diggers fitted with adjustable booms with the 4,900 mm long adjustable boom, combined with a 2,500 mm long arm." Further equipment is two proportional hydraulic circuits up to the arm end for grippers/slew gear and other accessories, central lubrication, Hi-MATE system for monitoring, AAVM all-round view system and further features for more ergonomics and performance. Some crawler excavators are fitted with rubber pads. This protects blacktops and plaster during urban working. Clients select either standard or special buckets or choose the appropriate accessory from the ZWO rental fleet. Also, clients in forestry have already hired the excavators for clearing and tree felling with a forest harvester. The divided boom is particularly in demand in rental. It consists of a boom of 5.65 m length that can be combined with three arms from 2.00 to 2.92 m. 

With an adjustable boom and the longest arm, the short tail crawler excavator reaches a shaft depth of 5,990 mm, up to 9,730 mm insertion height and up to 7,230 mm loading height. Among the important features are:

ECO Gauge 
IPC (Intelligent Power Control) 
Improved variable power control 
Electrically-driven viscous fan clutch 
Volume flow control for attachments can be preselected 
New cooling system with higher air flow 
Large air intake with grille cover 
Single-pedal straight-ahead travel (option) 
Heavy-duty cooling module
Wear-resistant bolts, bushings and polymer washers
Infotainment cabin
Intelligent control system
WiFi Direct with smartphone (Miracast, new audio system)
Proportional auxiliary hydraulics
Easy access to DEF/AdBlue supply
Hi-MATE (machine management system, option)
Swing Lock (option)
Fine Swing (option)
Improved sustainability
Modern drive train with components from well-known makers
(Cummins, Perkins, ZF, Rexroth etc.)
Great performance paired with state-of-the-art exhaust technology