Established in 1991 by Jean-Luc Boch, some 50% of the work undertaken by Boch et Frères, located in Mâcot-la-Plagne (Savoie), is for local communities, and the other half is on private projects (housing developments, hotel construction, tourist accommodation, landscaping, utility network excavation etc.). In its bid to regularly update its fleet of public works machinery, the company has now acquired its fifth machine from Hyundai Construction Equipment - an HL955 loader with an operating weight of 15 tonnes.


Located in the historic village of Mâcot-la-Plagne, in the La Plagne Tarentaise commune, the company, specialising in landscaping and distribution networks and posting revenues of just over €8 million, benefits from its favourable location, being close to the largest ski resorts in Tarentaise. During the winter months the company is tasked with snow-clearance throughout the Savoie and Haute-Savoie departments.

"To carry out our operations, all year round we employ thirty members of staff, and this number can rise to 80 during the summer and autumn months between May and December", emphasised Jean-Luc Boch, president and founder of the company that bears his name. "We are not seeking particularly to expand our machinery pool, but rather to maintain it by regularly replacing the machines", he added. "So, when we needed to replace one of the wheel loaders, it was a natural step to contact Hyundai Construction Equipment's regional agent, Curty Matériels (with whom I have dealt for many years) to buy a new machine. When I set up my company in 1991, the first new machine that I purchased was a 30 tonne excavator from Hyundai Construction Equipment, through the same agent."

Intended for snow-clearance work in winter and landscaping and utility network excavation during the other half of the year, the HL955 mainly operates in the Tarentaise valley and has given complete satisfaction to its owner. "It really is the model that meets our operational needs and its size/power ratio is perfect. It's not true that the bigger the machine - i.e. the larger the capacity and size - the easier it is to remove snow. On a major road, such a machine has no problem clearing the snow away. But when it comes to all the ancillary areas (minor roads, parking spaces, car parks etc.) the bigger the machine, the less it can fit into the space available. A happy medium is required, and the HL955 from Hyundai Construction Equipment copes very well with the 'restrictions'," continued Boch, who, as the years have gone by has gradually moved his entire fleet of machines towards the Hyundai Construction Equipment brand.

The HL955 in figures:
Loaded weight: 15,100 kg
Bucket capacity (nominal): 2.8 m3
Bucket excavation power: 13,000 kg
Tilt load - full return: 10,500 kg
Drive system: 149 kW (200 hp) Stage IV Cummins engine