R.T.I.A snc, the Hyundai Construction Equipment dealer for Friuli Venezia Giulia, supplied the HX300NL crawler excavator to Gesteco S.p.A. for the work to widen the third lane of the A4 motorway and demolish the viaducts.

Gesteco S.p.A., a Gruppo Luci company and loyal customer of the dealer R.T.I.A., is involved in the third section of works of the A4 construction site – Third Lane Widening. This is a strategic project for the motorway network because the A4 and the A23 interconnect along this section, with traffic flowing to and from Venice, Udine and Trieste, and also to Austria and Slovenia.

“For the construction of the third lane of the A4 motorway, we have supported our customer Gesteco by supplying the HX300NL crawler excavator. The various demands of this construction site call for robust, efficient and safe equipment”, declared Antonio Pesenato, dealer principal of R.T.I.A., a Hyundai Construction Equipment dealer.

With over forty years of experience in the sales, leasing and support of earth-moving equipment, R.T.I.A. has been the official Hyundai dealer for Friuli Venezia Giulia since 2001. “We are very satisfied to have a partner like Hyundai; a brand known worldwide for the quality of its products. R.T.I.A. has over twenty years of experience in the sales and leasing of Hyundai products, with excellent results in its area of competence. The strength of R.T.I.A. lies in the service it offers to its customers. For over 40 years, our workshop has dedicated itself to the maintenance and repair of construction site machinery. With our extensive know-how acquired over the years, we can provide assistance on any machine and make components and equipment for diverse applications. Another strong point is the high availability of spare parts, making us very competitive on our territory. In our workshop, there are currently six mechanics, a parts specialist, and a salesman. Having three service vehicles and a wide range of spares available makes us the reference point throughout Friuli Venezia Giulia”, said Antonio Pesenato.

A point of reference for Gesteco S.p.A. as well, because they turned to the Hyundai dealer for this important motorway project: “We turned to R.T.I.A. because we needed to have high-performance machinery excavating at full capacity in order to widen the new sections of motorway and demolish the viaducts. We asked for machines which were fast and with superior stability, but also responsive since we had to construct several channels requiring precise movements. Since 2000 R.T.I.A. has been our reference for Hyundai machinery. Compared to competitor models, Hyundai machines stand out for their greater robustness, they have excellent finishing, an optimised hydraulic system, and comfort in the cab is decidedly superior. The latest acquisition for construction site work is the HX300NL excavator, a powerful, precise machine, ideal for this site”, commented Giancarlo Luci, head of Gesteco S.p.A.

The HX300NL excavator is equipped with the Cummins QSB6.7 diesel engine, a 4-stroke water-cooled turbo-charged engine guaranteeing high power and optimum energy efficiency. The added value of the HX300NL model lies in its durability and strength, and also in the precision of its movements, thanks to the optimised hydraulic system.

The HX300NL excavator cab features an ergonomic design making it particularly comfortable and quiet. Hyundai has focused on operator comfort and safety: with the low-vibration design of the coil spring and internal shock absorber, the cab suspension mount of the HX Series reduces noise and increases resistance and durability, offering a comfortable, quiet work space.

“For this type of construction site, which also involved working at night, we purchased the Hx300NL model for increased operational efficiency. In addition to the sale, R.T.I.A. supported us with an Assistance service, in particular in the viaduct demolition phase: during these operations, we could not afford any machine down time; the operators started demolition operations at 22:00 and continued until 07:00 in the morning, because the motorway had to be ready and open then, to ensure the normal flow of traffic. In this delicate phase, we could not afford any failure or delay in opening the motorway. For the demolition of the viaducts we used Hyundai excavators, including the latest arrival, the HX300 model, equipped with clamps and hammers. The machines worked without a break and lived up to expectations”, said Giancarlo Luci.

Indeed, another step forward was made towards the construction of the third lane of the A4 motorway during the night of Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 January 2020: the demolition of the flyover on the San Giorgio di Nogaro junction. This is the penultimate structure out of a total of nine, rebuilt on the third section (Gonars – Alvisopoli). The demolition was completed successfully and ahead of schedule.

There are more Hyundai machines working on the A4 construction site for widening the third lane: excavator models 520 9.a, 450.7 with 16,550 hours of work, 210.9 with 9600 hours of work and a 210.7 with 16,700 hours of work, all purchased from the Dealer R.T.I.A. “Gesteco has a large fleet of machines, including a 450 excavator, a 520 excavator, a 210, and two 760 – 960 wheel loaders. They are a loyal customer who appreciates the performance of Hyundai machines and the assistance service that our workshop provides. From the very beginning the machines satisfied the customer's demands from the point of view of both performance and optimisation of consumption. Negotiations were brief because the customer is familiar with construction site machinery and was therefore already clear about which models to choose. This customer also has machines of other brands, but 60% of their fleet consists of Hyundai models. R.T.I.A. suggested the HX300NL excavator because is a very stable model competing with models from the best players on the market”, concluded Antonio Pesenato.