BAMAG Maschinen AG won the public tendering process to supply ten, 6-tonne class crawler excavators. The state-of-the art machines have now arrived. All of them come with biodegradable hydraulic oil, are painted in the customer's colours, fitted with rubber crawlers, and equipped with the latest emissions stage V engines. 


The machines have arrived

The ten machines have arrived at BAMAG in Regensdorf. Eight are painted in the Swiss Army's olive-green livery and two are white for deployment abroad with SWISSINT - the Swiss Armed Forces International Command. The hydraulic quick couplers, combined with the swivel engines, the buckets and the sorting grabs, have also arrived. While the first A-series machines were being delivered, the rest of the preparation work was going on, including assembling the special equipment supplied for military use.


Latest emissions stage V engine technology

Each machine is powered by a 4-cylinder Yanmar 4TNV98 stage V which is factory fitted with modern, self-cleaning particle filters. The Hyundai excavators are particularly economical and environmentally-friendly. The highest power level for this weight class is 64.7 hp or 48.3 kW at a low, quiet speed of 2,200 rpm. The drive unit is installed transversely in the machine and benefits from a large easily accessible hinged engine hood.


Excellent operator comfort

The generously-proportioned driver's cab provides an ergonomic seating position and state-of-the-art joysticks to control all the boom and attachment manoeuvres. The up-to-date LED dashboard indicates engine speed, coolant temperature and fuel level data, as well as the status of the electrical system. Settings can be made on the display unit using logical and straightforward controls. A safety lock, auto-diagnostic system, automatic climate control, radio and USB player are also installed as standard. The adjustable premium seat has individual adjustable arm rests for increased comfort. The floor mat is detachable, therefore it’s easy to remove and clean. The interior lighting and work lamps are LED-powered. The ROPS/FOPS cab also has a FOPS unit with two extra LED headlamps attached at the front and rear of the cab. The good all-round view and the optimal lighting provide optimum safety day and night.


Hydraulic power

Engine power is provided by two main axial piston pumps, each delivering 55 litres per minute, and a hydraulically powered pilot pump. Together, these ensure high-availability lifting and grab forces, and high power levels in the additional circuits. All the hydraulic functions are operable proportionally and by finger-tip control. Thanks to the fixed swivel engine combined with the hydraulic quick coupler, the bucket in addition to the sorting and stone grab, can be rotated. The machine is factory-filled with biodegradable hydraulic oil. The special hydraulic oil filter ensures long oil-change intervals. To protect the environment, the hydraulic oil only needs to be inspected after several thousand hours at the standard oil check, carried out at regular intervals to detect particular contamination, and changed if necessary. The biodegradable hydraulic oil is very resistant and, with its additional filter system, can last throughout the excavator's service life.


Other details specific to the military

Any special military-use additional items ordered by the army that cannot be accommodated inside the cab are kept inside a rust-proof tool box. The operating instructions for the machine and its accessories, written in the standard Swiss regional languages as well as in English, are installed on the display unit in the cab. So, every operator can access the most important information they need quickly and efficiently without having to search through a pile of paper manuals. Specially fitted oil lines with the standard Army quick couplers are supplied for the engine and hydraulic oil, so that when the engine hood is raised, oil can be removed and refilled in an environmentally responsible manner. Plus and minus battery poles are also positioned outwards. If the battery is flat, the machine can be charged and restarted with just a few actions.


BAMAG Maschinen AG has been representing well-known brands of construction machinery, forklifts and accessories such as Hyundai, , Kalmar, Atlas, JAB, Case, Nissan Unicarriers and Ausa for over twenty years as both an importer and servicing agent. They have recently added Merlo Telescopic handlers for industry and construction to their sales portfolio. The sales and service network covers the whole of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Sales personnel and customer service technicians are all situated locally in the various regions, close to their customers.