The Fratelli Massai construction company has been in business since 1961 and mainly operates in the field of roadworks, bituminous conglomerate paving and basic urban infrastructure. The business has also worked on other types of project over the years, such as land reclamation, cobblestone paving and underground works, street furniture, special eco-friendly types of paving and building materials extraction from quarries.

The main sector and company's core business, road building and associated paving is the activity attracting the heaviest investment from the company in terms of materials, systems, technology, machinery and employee training. It is precisely in this main sector that the Fratelli Massai company opted to invest its resources, expanding its fleet of machines through the purchase of a new Hyundai HX210ANL excavator.

"We sold this machine to the Fratelli Massai company back in December 2020 and it was delivered to the customer early in 2021. The Grosseto-based company had a specific requirement: having been tasked with carrying out the resurfacing of a road network structure where precision was an absolute necessity, it needed a machine that could be fitted with a 3D system fully integrated with its own systems. The Fratelli Massai company immediately settled on the Hyundai excavator, as it found that on previous models its hydraulic system was not only highly accurate, but could also deliver a great deal of power. Having previously purchased machines from well known brands, the customer chose the Hyundai HX210ANL excavator precisely because installing such a system involves fairly significant costs, and it wanted to avoid installing a machine that couldn't be 100% committed to the job", said Gabriele Papi, Sales Director at Toscomeccanica.

The HX210ANL excavator was immediately put to task in the San Vincenzo a Torri building site, in the province of Florence, where the Fratelli Massai road building company is creating an alternative route to the town centre, integrated with an overflow expansion reservoir for the river Pesa. The customer was very impressed with the high sensitivity and accuracy of movement from the outset - the most important features for these kinds of applications. 

"This excavator is a new concept machine, it's cutting edge. It's extremely easy to control, its movements are always accurate. The machine is very comfortable, the operator's seat is ergonomic and visibility is perfect. The Hyundai HX210ANL excavator is very sensitive and accurate. These features make it the ideal machine for our company, especially when tackling road works. Our job mainly involves the creation of bankings and escarpments, so we need a highly sensitive machine with good handling which allows us to achieve the highest level of accuracy in our work", explained Daniele Boninsegna, specialist operator at the Fratelli Massai company. 

The new HX210ANL crawler excavator makes good use of cutting edge technology, such as the "MG/MC" function (Machine Guidance/Machine Control), which displays the operational status and automatically controls the tooling in order to assist the operator during operations in building sites. On top of this there are the premium high precision Kawasaki joysticks, which enable the accurate and ergonomic control of the machine, as well as the electronic pump flow control system (EPFC) which in "P" mode fine tunes conventional hydraulic control, producing significant savings in terms of daily fuel consumption.

"This is the first excavator that the Fratelli Massai company has purchased directly from the Toscomeccanica dealership, although it is very familiar with the Hyundai brand." In fact, Fratelli Massai is part of a group of companies accustomed to using our company's advice and support. Our partnership came about with the sale of a Hyundai wheel loader currently being used at a plant producing bituminous conglomerates."

"The negotiations to buy the excavator involved other well known brands, and proved to be quite challenging, but the customer chose Hyundai because of the warranty, which is much longer than the competition, the excellent hydraulics that include 100% operation of a 3D laser system and, last but not least, a punctual and professional service department ready to intervene quickly and promptly",”

said Gabriele Papi. 

HX210ANL technical specifications

Operating weight                                               22,800 kg

Engine                                                             Cummins B4.5

Horse power (net, SAE J1349)                            127 Kw at 2,200 rpm

Max. digging depth.                                5,890   mm

Max. digging/discharge height                        10,670/7,740 mm

Digging force at bucket (SAE/ISO)            133.4 kN/125.5 kN