Crawler Excavators


The HX330AL Crawler Excavator is part of Hyundai’s brand new A-series: a fresh generation of construction equipment that complies with the European stage V emission levels. But it does much more than that!

33750 kg

Cummins L9

242 kW

1.44 m³ - 2.10 m³

Technical details



Next to the Stage V compliance, a range of smart technologies are included. The feature that really stands out is the EPIC (Electric Pump Independent Control) hydraulic system for better controllability!

hx330al hyundai excavator digging in the field

EPIC (Electronic Pump Independent Control) which improves efficiency through computerised individual control of hydraulic pumps

Ergonomic joystick design

Reinforced upper and lower frame structures for high load work

Enter a world where anything is possible

“The right technologies, intuitive controls and power delivered exactly as I need it. It’s almost as if the machine is an extension of me.”

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hyundai hx300al epic Electronic Pump Independent Control system on a white background

EPIC (Electronic Pump Independent Control)

The EPIC (Electronic Pump Independent Control) improves fuel efficiency while maintaining productivity through computerised individual control of hydraulic pumps. The system helps to reduce losses in hydraulic flow and maximise production capacity.

The ECO Gauge gives you instant fuel efficiency feedback as you work.

ECO Gauge

The ECO Gauge gives you instant fuel efficiency feedback as you work. You can also monitor detailed information on average, hourly and daily fuel consumption to help you work more economically.

Advanced Around View Monitoring

The optional Advanced Around View Monitoring (AAVM) system gives you a 360° overview of your immediate working environment to prevent accidents. It also includes Intelligent Moving Object Detection (IMOD) technology that senses and warns you when people or objects come within five metres of the machine.

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