Wheel Loaders


The HL980A Wheel Loader - for your largest material handling applications - is part of the Hyundai’s A-Series: a fresh generation of construction equipment that complies with the European stage V emission levels. With the highest horsepower, tipping capacity and breakout force in the Hyundai wheel loader line-up, the HL980A is a heavy-duty performer that is agile and smooth despite its size.

30,800 kg


265 kW

Technical details


Product information

Even in rough working conditions the HL980A provides maximum durability and reliability. The Stage V wheel loader is enhanced with features like high-grade hoses and axles with extra load capacity. This machine is ideal for working in quarries, mines, demolition, and industrial operations.

hl980a hyundai wheel loader in the field

5% increased torque vs previous model

Up to 10% greater productivity

8% more fuel efficient based on application vs 4th gear

Protect your co-works and equipment!

“A safe site is also a productive site. A clear view of the machinery and people around me gives me extra reassurance and helps me to work more efficiently!”

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All in one exhaust after treatment system

The A-Series machines features our all-in-one exhaust after treatment system which cuts emissions and operating costs while enhancing reliability and simplifying maintenance.

close-up of Advanced Around View Monitoring (AAVM) system

Optional Advanced Around View Monitoring (AAVM)

The optional Advanced Around View Monitoring (AAVM) system for extra safety gives you a 360° overview of your immediate working environment. It also includes IMOD technology that senses and warns you when people or objects come within five metres of the machine.

hl955a weighing system screen

Highly accurate automatic / manual cumulative weighing system

The highly accurate automatic / manual cumulative weighing system helps you to manage production more efficiently in any environment. For maximum precision, weighing error icons and a two-colour weight value indicator are displayed on the monitor.

hyundai hl970a soft end stop picture on a white background

Soft end stop

The soft end stop function lessens the shock load of the stroke for increased operating comfort and better material retention.

hl980a smart power mode

Smart Power mode

The new Smart Power mode adjusts engine RPM in heavy load work like digging to save fuel without compromising on performance.