AAVM: All Around View Monitoring

Don’t be surprised by what you can’t see

4 cameras for a 360-degree view 

Hyundai AAVM – All Around Viewing Monitoring 

Hyundai Construction Equipment exclusive AAVM (All Around View Monitoring) camera system provides a 360-degree field of view on the monitor, which greatly contributes to work site safety. An all around view four camera monitoring system also includes IMOD, “Intelligent Moving Object Detection.” 

4 Reasons why you need a Hyundai with AAVM and IMOD

Added Safety for workers on the job site

Reduced risk of collision or damage to the machine

Improved productivity for the operator

Best-in-class factory option on the market

AAVM (All Around View Monitoring) Safety 

The Hyundai Construction Equipment exclusive AAMV camera system provides the operator a 360-degree field of view on the monitor. With just the touch of a button one can look at all the different working angles of the machine. Part of the AAVM system includes IMOD (Intelligent Moving Object Detection), which alerts the operator to the presence of people or objects. For excavators the maximum range of operation is 5 meters (16.5 feet). 

The Hyundai Construction Equipment Exclusive 

AAVM has been an exclusive option for Hyundai HX-series Excavators. No other manufacturer on the market has a 360-degree view monitoring system. This makes Hyundai Construction Equipment Excavators the safest machines on the market and gives us our absolute safety edge over the competition. 

Four Cameras – 360-Degree view 

A camera is on the front of the cabin, on each side of the machine, and on the rear. This four camera system is able to take a 360-degree picture around the machine and give a top-down view, side view and various views on our color touch screen monitor. 

Safety Alert Zones 

When the AAVM system is active, if a person is within the detection range of the machine a blue or red alert warning arrow will flash on the screen along with an audible alarm. Hyundai Construction Equipment excavators detect objects within a 5m (16.5 feed) radius of the machine.