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Agricultural Industry

Hyundai for the Agricultural Industry

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With a reputation for performance, durability, reliability, safety and comfort, Hyundai machines are a great choice for the many different jobs within the agricultural industry. From smaller jobs around the farm that require compact excavators, to larger ones that call for a wheel loader and more awkward jobs that might require a forklift, Hyundai have all the choice you need.


As well as being suited to agricultural work, our commitment to innovation and sustainability has also led us to develop new and advanced technologies that reduce fuel consumption and emissions, making our machines and your business, more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Why Hyundai machines are the perfect choice

Compact Excavators

    With a range of 9 models, from 1.7 to 6.5 tonnes, Stage V engines and machines with and without a canopy, Hyundai compact excavators (or minis) offer many features to help you be more productive, while being environmentally friendly on many agricultural jobs.

    Versatile performance: Hyundai compact excavators are available with conventional or zero tailswing models to help with many smaller jobs around the farm. All deliver exceptional performance, safety and efficiency to make your life easier.

    Easy to transport & maintain: With their small footprint, Hyundai mini excavators are easy to transport around the farm and to other locations. And with simple service access checkpoints, you can quickly carry out preventative maintenance, making them popular, low-cost machines.

compact excavator

    Greater comfort: Our compact minis are all designed with the operator in mind. More cabin space, easy-to-use controls, climate control and lower noise levels combine to make them more productive in noise sensitive areas with livestock.

Wheel Loaders

    With a range of 10 models from 11 to 31 tonnes with 99 kW- 265 kW of power, Hyundai wheel loaders provide the performance and choice farmers and contractors need for bigger jobs around the farm like grain handling. And with huge bucket capacities and other agricultural attachments, you can count on them to be highly productive, whatever the application.

    Tough & reliable: Hyundai wheel loaders are rugged, stable and durable machines with high-performance engines and hydraulics. They have been enhanced with features like high-grade hoses and axles with extra load capacity, making them ideal for tough agricultural work.

960A Wheel Loader

    Environmentally friendly technology: Greater farming efficiency is assured thanks to features like automatic engine shutdown, eco report and Hyundai’s HI-Mate telematics system. Our Stage V machines feature an all-in-one exhaust after treatment system which cuts emissions and operating costs while enhancing reliability and simplifying maintenance.

    Greater safety: With state-of-the art safety features like camera systems that provide a 360° overview of the immediate working environment, our wheel loaders are perfectly designed to handle farm tasks in tight areas.

Diesel forklifts

    When the only machine that will do a material handling job is a forklift, the new Stage V Hyundai Forklifts are your best option. With quieter, more comfortable cabs, easy-to-use fingertip controls, greater visibility and many added safety features, productive, peace of mind operating is assured.

    Efficient operation: The new Hyundai forklifts feature greater operator comfort, control and convenience to allow more productive working in tight farm environments. Easy-to-see, multi-functional displays also keep operators informed about machine performance and outside obstacles.

160D-9V Diesel Forklift Profile

    Safer working: We prioritise safety in every aspect of our machines and work with our customers to keep improving protection for operators, co-workers, buildings, materials and of course animals.

    A great investment:
    With a reliable Stage V engine and many new features and technologies, Hyundai forklifts are a smart choice for farmers and contractors. And with long maintenance intervals and world-class support, you’re looking at a low cost of ownership that’s a great business investment.