Demolition HX480 Hyundai Excavator

Demolition Industry

Hyundai for the Demolition Industry

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Demolition Industry

With a reputation for performance, durability, reliability, safety and comfort, Hyundai machines are the perfect choice for the demolition industry. And whether you’re a demolition company, contractor or owner operator, Hyundai have the ultimate line up for your site and application, from crawler excavators and wheel loaders, to articulated dump trucks. So, if you’re completely demolishing or simply clearing a site, we’ve got all the machines you need.


As well as being perfectly suited to demolition work, Hyundai’s commitment to innovation and sustainability has also led us to develop new and advanced technologies that reduce fuel consumption and emissions. These are what make our machines and your demolition site, more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Why Hyundai machines are the perfect choice

Crawler Excavators

    With a range of machines up to 52 tonnes, our tracked excavators are renowned for being powerful but low on fuel consumption and emissions, making them a great choice for demolition companies and contractors alike.

    Powerful and versatile: Hyundai have the exact machine to meet any application, be it heavy digging, lifting or grading. And when it comes to working in tight spaces, we also have reduced tailswing models for greater manoeuvrability. Different counterweights, booms, arms and attachments, all help to make life easier.

    Built to last: The Hyundai range of crawler excavators have been designed to provide reliable long-term performance and minimise downtime, repairs and unexpected costs. A new upper frame design and lifting mode help tackle even the most demanding jobs, the cabin structure has been reinforced with high-strength steel, while the undercarriage reduces track wear.

HX330A L Demolition excavator

    Greater protection: Safety is paramount on any demolition site and Hyundai crawler excavators protect operators, other workers and themselves. Innovative technology and advanced safety features all provide extra peace of mind.

Wheel Loaders

    From 11 to 31 tonnes with 99 kW- 265 kW of power, Hyundai wheel loaders provide all the power and performance you need. And with huge bucket capacities and breakout forces, you can count on them to be highly productive in all demolition applications.

    Tough & reliable: Hyundai wheel loaders are rugged and reliable machines with high-performance engines and hydraulics. And with features like high-grade hoses and axles with extra load capacity, they are ideal for all types of demolition work.

    Efficient technology: Precise operating systems and features like automatic engine shutdown, eco report and Hyundai’s HI-Mate telematics system all add extra efficiency to your demolition project. Our Stage V engines feature an all-in-one exhaust after treatment system which cut emissions and operating costs while simplifying maintenance.

HL955 Hyundai Wheel Loader Demolition

    Greater safety: With safety being paramount on any demolition site, innovative features like camera systems that provide a 360° overview of the immediate working environment and an emergency stop switch, are designed for extra peace of mind.

Articulated Dump Trucks

    The Hyundai HA30A and HA45A have many industry-leading features that make them the perfect partners for any demolition job and our other heavy-duty machines.

    Greater manoeuvrability & safety: A permanent 6-wheel drive, rear tandem axles and front-mounted turning ring provide equal power and weight distribution for greater manoeuvrability, while a sloping rear frame guides loads to the front of the dumper, for greater traction and stability on the most treacherous sites.

    High capacity and payload: The HA30A and HA45A have high load capacities, with rated payloads of 28 tonnes and 41 tonnes respectively, making them ideal for transporting large amounts of material for landfill or recycling.

Hyundai articulated dump truck (ADT) driving up hill on snowy and rugged terrain.

    Durable & efficient: Hyundai ADTs are built to withstand harsh demolition site conditions and feature a high-strength frame and reinforced body to prevent damage and reduce maintenance requirements. Our ADTs are also very fuel-efficient, reducing operating costs and environmental impact.