HX520A L in action on site

Mining & Quarrying Industry

Hyundai for the Mining Industry

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Mining Industry Guide

The mining industry plays a vital role in the global economy, and is currently going through a global boom period, as demand for minerals and metals has increased rapidly due to expanding automotive production and construction projects. To get these materials, mining companies use a variety of machines and equipment to extract and process these resources, machines such as large wheel loaders, tracked excavators and articulated dump trucks. All of these machines are required to perform in some of the most challenging and difficult conditions, all year round. It is therefore essential than the machines are reliable and high-performing, with an ability to withstand the rigours of the job.


It is on sites like these, and in industries like mining and quarrying, that Hyundai has built its reputation for producing rugged, robust, high performing machines. Hyundai are a leading provider of machines to the mining industry, with our machines seen on most major mining sites around the globe. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability has also led us to develop new and advanced technologies that reduce fuel consumption and emissions, making our machines and your site, more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Hyundai machines for the mining industry

A-Series Articulated Dump Truck

    Hyundai Dump Trucks are built to operate all year round, in even the toughest quarry or mine. With greater manoeuvrability, stability, comfort, easy-to-use controls and low total cost of ownership, the HA45A and the HA30A are fast becoming the go to ADT for your quarrying and earthmoving needs.

    Durability: Able to withstand some of the toughest conditions. Its reinforced body also means lower maintenance requirements and reduced damage.

    Manoeuvrability: The rear frame and body design, combined with a front-mounted differential makes for a compact machine, resulting in the one of the smallest turning radii in the sector and outstanding stability.

    Maximum traction:: Permanent 6-wheel drive, rear tandem axles and front-mounted turning ring provide equal power and weight distribution, while a sloping rear frame guides loads to the front of the dumper, for greater traction and stability on difficult terrain.

Hyundai HA45 Dumping rocks

A-Series Tracked Excavator Range

    From its robust exterior design to its smart performance-enhancing technologies, the A-Series excavator range opens up a world of new possibilities where tiny efforts move mountains.

    Reliability: We improved engine reliability by integrating exhaust after treatment and replacing EGR with a simplified, single-module system that's easier to maintain. And the undercarriage has nine bottom rollers to improve stability, reduce track wear and decrease the risk of de-tracking.

hx300 anl at work in Trambiserra quarry

    Efficiency: A range of smart technologies are included for precise management of the engine output and pump flow rate. A new EPIC (Electronic Pump Independent Control) system improves efficiency through computerised individual control of the hydraulic pumps. Additional features optimise operation and monitoring to enhance productivity every single day.


    Safety and protection: Small details can make a huge difference when it comes to safety and security. The HX300AL offers all-round protection for you, your workmates and your equipment. Its cab and engine hood feature a new design that allows maximum visibility, while All-Around View Monitoring (AAVM) gives you a clear overview of your surroundings.

    Diagnostics and Servicing support:
    The range is designed to make maintenance as convenient as possible. All components and materials have been optimised to ensure a long, trouble-free life. Hyundai's Hi Mate remote management system uses GPS satellite technology to provide the highest level of service and support. The range also features our new Engine Connected Diagnostics (ECD) system which immediately reports any engine failure.

A-Series Wheel Loader Range

    Hyundai's A-Series is a fresh generation of machines and making a name for itself in the quarry and mining industry.

    Power: The A-Series range is fitted with a range of powerful EU Stage V engines delivering all the power you need to tackle heavy-duty work in even the most extreme  of conditions. This wheel loader range boasts a range of technologies that enhance fuel efficiency while keeping harmful emissions to a minimum.

    Precision: The highly accurate automatic/manual cumulative weighing system helps manage production more efficiently in any environment. For maximum precision, weighing error icons and a two-colour weight value indicator are displayed on the monitor.

960A Wheel Loader

    Comfort: The A-Series cabin was designed as a productive, stress-free working environment that fits every operator perfectly. Pleasant and spacious, it features state-of-the-art noise and vibration reduction technology, achieving outstanding low sound levels.

    The frame and attachments are built for maximum strength, while all operating systems have been optimised for endurance and tested rigorously on a range of work sites. The result is a tough, durable machine that minimises downtime for repairs and maintenance, so you can stay on schedule and protect your profits.

    Low maintenance:
    The range is designed to make maintenance as convenient as possible. The engine hood can be electrically opened completely to provide easy access for cleaning and routine tasks, while the service points for the engine and hydraulic systems are located in one easy-to-reach area. All components and materials have been specially selected to ensure a long, trouble-free life.