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Waste and Recycling Industry

Hyundai for the Waste and Recycling Industry

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Waste & Recycling Industry Guide

At Hyundai we've built our range of wheel loaders and excavators to meet the demanding needs of operating in the Waste and Recycling industry. When you're operating in confined, often indoor sites, and handling hazardous materials, you need a machine that has excellent safety features, as well as outstanding performance with low emissions and manoeuvrability.

Hyundai machines for the Waste and Recycling Industry

A-Series Crawler Excavator Range

    The A-Series range of excavators have been designed and built to handle the most demanding of waste jobs.

    Strong and Reliable: From the reinforced upper and lower frame structures to the attachments, strength and reliability have been built into every single component - a must when dealing with an industry where dust and debris is prevalent. 

    Durability: All components and materials have been optimised to ensure a long, trouble-free life. Hyundai’s Hi Mate remote management system uses mobile data technology to provide the highest level of service and support

    Safety: The Hyundai range of crawler excavators offer all-round protection for you, your workmates and your equipment. A new cabin and engine hood feature a new design that allows maximum visibility around the machine whilst an Advanced Around View Monitoring (AAVM) camera system gives you a 360° overview of your immediate working environment.  


The A-Series Wheeled Excavator Range

    The A-Series wheeled excavator range provides the power and mobility you need for all your on-road and off-road applications.

    Mobility: The highly mobile reduced tail radius models significantlt reduce the footprint of the machine whilst working. This helps operators to work safely, confidently and efficiently in confined spaces and busy construction environments.

    High Performance: The range is equipped with a fuel efficient Euro Stage V engine that meets the world’s strictest emission regulations, which combined with fuel-saving features such as Eco Gauge, makes for a highly efficient machine range.

210A Hyundai Wheeled Excavator

    Strength and sturdiness: The reinforced upper and lower frame structure of the wheeled excavator range offers solid performance over a long lifetime. The frame and structure allow for high workload, while the attachments have been rigorously tested for the roughest conditions.


    Comfort: Light and spacious, the cabin features a high-quality, adjustable seat and an ergonomic layout that places controls within easy, comfortable reach.

A-Series Wheeled Excavator Range

    With its rugged performance, outstanding manoeuvrability and safety features, the Hyundai A-Series wheel loader range has become a common sight across waste management sites across Europe and beyond.

    Packed with features designed to meet the demanding needs of the waste management and recycling industry.

    Safety: The range's safety features are designed and tested to meet the real world needs of the waste management and recycling industry, even offering an extra pair of eyes with the optional Advanced-Around View Monitoring (AAVM), Intelligent Moving Object Detection (IMOD) and even optional radar systems available.

hyundai hl955a waste management

    Comfort: The A-Series cabin was designed as a productive, stress-free working environment that fits every operator perfectly. Pleasant and spacious, it features state-of-the-art noise and vibration reduction technology, achieving a outstanding low sound levels.


    Efficient: This Hyundai range of wheel loaders is packed with fuel-saving features. Take the auto engine shut off which shuts down the engine automatically when the machine is at rest to cut fuel consumption and prevent unnecessary emissions. Different operating modes and idling times can be selected according to the work environment, further enhancing efficiency.