The new powerful HX210AL machine sits alongside its stable mate the HX220AL

The HX220AL, launched in June of last year, is the sister machine to the new HX210AL – both machines have the same power output of 129kW, however the HX220AL machine, is powered by a Cummins B6.7 stage V6 cylinder engine and offers 880Nm torque (+20% torque) and is also EGR-free. Both machines share the identical undercarriage platform.

The Hyundai HX210AL features similar general specifications to those found in the HX220AL model, but with standard features and pricing that are designed to appeal to rental houses and dealers with high volumes of rental business. “We’re really excited about this model. We think this is going to be a great entry into that 20-ton class that the market is demanding, We are convinced the HX210AL will become the new standard throughout Europe when it comes to performance and operating experience” said Gert Peeters, Product Specialist Supervisor at HCEE.

State-of-the-art engine delivers best in class performance

At the heart of the HX210AL is a robust Stage V-compliant B4.5 Cummins engine, with an innovative integrated ‘all-in-one’ exhaust aftertreatment system, that reduces both emissions and maintenance requirements. Removing the need for EGR leads to enhanced reliability and simplified maintenance. It also enables the owner to reduce operating costs through better fuel economy and longer service intervals.

Optimal balance of power and precision

The HX210AL delivers more power and performance with 780 Nm of peak torque, which is approximately 7% more than its predecessor the R210LC-9A, setting a new industry benchmark, delivering the best in class fuel efficiency, while not compromising on power. The new EPFC (Electronic Pump Flow Control) takes the machine to a whole new level of controllability, allowing operators to tailor their machine for the job at hand, ensuring the optimal balance of power and precision.

Safety is always a key factor with Hyundai Construction Equipment

Safety and security are always at the top of HCE’s list and the new HX210AL is no exception and offers all-round protection for operators, co-workers’ and the machine. The spacious cabin allows excellent visibility, while the optional Advanced Around View Monitoring system (AAVM) gives the operator a 360° clear overview of the surroundings. It also includes Intelligent Moving Object Detection (IMOD) technology that senses and warns you when people or objects come within five metres of the machine.

For increased safety audible and visible alert functions have been included to encourage the operator to wear the seatbelt, reducing the risk of serious accidents for operators using the machines. Another new feature is the auto safety lock which prevents unintentional ignition - when the lock is activated, the excavator is not controlled by the RCV lever.

Advanced technologies for the modern jobsite

The HX210AL benefits from improved operator controls which includes optional MG/MC machine guidance/machine control, which indicates the work status and automatically controls the attachment to assist the driver. The MG displays the position of the bucket tip and assists the operator by use of positioning guidance. The MC will automatically take over control of the grading with the bucket tip or face and will have an automatic stop control: up, down, forward and cabin protection.

High-end precision engineered Kawasaki joysticks feature in this machine which allow for precise and ergonomic handling of the machine.

An Eco guidance is displayed on the machine cluster which indicates ‘inefficient operation’ status to prevent excessive and unnecessary fuel consumption by inadequate working habits.

New smart technologies have been installed to further improve machine productivity and fuel efficiency, in a move away from hydraulically controlled pumps, Hyundai has installed its new EPFC (Electronic Pump Flow Independent Control) system. This computerised system takes individual control of the hydraulic pumps, helping to reduce losses in hydraulic flow and maximising production capacity.

New look and high-end features

The A series comes complete with its fresh new look with the dark grey boom and dipper. The new livery is the first thing to catch your eye but there are other subtle changes on the machine and under the bonnet, behind the panels and in the cab area.

The already well-appointed Hyundai cab has had another makeover, most notably the lower glass area in the door has been increased to improve visibility and the HX210AL benefits from a newly designed robust upper frame. The machine also boasts a luxurious Grammer air-suspension seat which has been supplied with the optional heater set up.

The 8” touch screen monitor groups all machine functionalities and provides the operator with all machine status feedback and a variety of options that can be accessed via the menu settings, which can be selected by the touch screen itself, or by using the haptic jog-shuttle rotary controller. This enables the operator to fine tune the machine to suit his/her requirements and operating style and to be able to enter a password protection code to start the machine.

The new engine hood design allows convenient access to the engine for regular maintenance checks

Reducing downtime with Hyundai’s Hi-MATE

All A-series excavators will incorporate several new service features that have been developed and tested with the aim of improving machine uptime.

Machine diagnostics is an important feature on modern-day excavators. Hyundai’s Hi-MATE is a remote management system that gives access, no matter where the location, to vital service and diagnostic information for Hyundai machines.

ECD (Engine Connected Diagnostics) will support the After Sales technicians and dealers with a diagnostics report (via e-mail, mobile, app or Hi-MATE, HCE’s own telematic system) on the engine performance. This results in an improved engine fault code monitoring and will ensure that the After Sales technicians arrive on site with the necessary tools to fix the error in one visit.

The report generated by Hi-MATE allows improved fleet management by sending monthly e-mail reports including a summary of the operation and the fuel consumption analysis.

Technical specifications:

  • Model                                                                            HX210AL

  • Engine                                                                           Cummins B4.5

  • Net Power                                                                    129 kW / 173 hp

  • Operating weight                                                        22,100 kg

  • Machine width / track width                                     2,990 mm / 600 mm L-version

                                                                                           2,550 mm / 500 mm NL-version

  • Max. digging depth                                                     6,640 mm (dipper 2,92m)

  • Max. digging reach                                                      9,960 mm (dipper 2,92m)

  • Tail swing radius                                                          2,850 mm

  • Bucket Breakout Force (ISO)                                     152,0 kN

  • Arm Digging Force (ISO)                                            151,0 kN