Located in the Serravezza area at Pietrasanta in the province of Lucca, the Trambiserra quarry offers particularly striking scenery. It is a unique area with an immense mineral wealth and an extraordinary story. In fact, this quarry is one of the oldest in the marble basin where Michelangelo Buonarroti extracted the marble for the facade of the Church of San Lorenzo in Florence in 1518. Today Trambiserra marble is known throughout the world for its compactness and solidity.

Versil Scavi srl, the company that has been operating amid this striking scenery since 2009, took delivery of the Hyundai HX300ANL excavator from the dealer Toscomeccanica last June.

“We needed to replace our old excavator with a new model, - explained Graziano Paoli, joint proprietor of Versil Scavi srl – so we turned to the dealer Toscomeccanica to help us to choose the ideal machine for this type of heavy work. In fact, Toscomeccanica has supported us for years with its service, in a timely and effective manner”. 

“When Versil Scavi contacted us to ask for our help in purchasing a new machine for use in the Trambiserra quarry, we immediately proposed the Hyundai HX300ANL crawler excavator – said Claudio Bacci, owner of Toscomeccanica srl -. The new A-series excavator is a robust, powerful machine, offering a high degree of stability and manoeuvrability”.

The new HX300ANL excavator is powered by the Cummins B6.7 Stage V engine, offering a power rating of 194 kW, and equipped with an innovative exhaust after-treatment system, comprising a special silencer incorporating a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), DEF injector (SCR) and diesel particulate filter. In this new range of engines, HCE has eliminated exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), through the development of new technologies. These have allowed a significant increase in reliability with a substantial reduction in fuel consumption and running costs.

“One of the exceptional features of the new A-series, among the many found in this range of machines, is the EPIC function” commented Gabriele Papi, sales director at Toscomeccanica. “This new independent pump control significantly improves fuel efficiency, while maintaining productivity through computerised individual control of the hydraulic pumps. Exceptionally load sensitive, with fuel savings of up to 8% of average daily consumption and overall operator satisfaction are further strong points of this state-of-the-art excavator”, concluded Papi.

In addition to the EPIC function, the HX300ANL excavator incorporates some of the new Hyundai technologies, in particular: the Eco Gauge, which indicates inefficient operation of the machine and helps to avoid wasting energy; the MG/MC system which indicates the operating state of the excavator and automatically controls the equipment to assist the operator; finally, the auto safety lock which prevents unintentional operation of the equipment with increased safety for the operator and on the job site. 
In order to improve machine uptime, all the new A-series excavators come equipped with new functions such as the Engine Connected Diagnostics (ECD) system, which supports technicians and dealers with diagnostic reports (e-mail, mobile app or HiMATE – HCE's own telematic system) on engine services and improves the monitoring of engine error codes; the Machine Connected Diagnostics (MCD) function which enables users to gather and analyse various performance data for the machine reported in the HiMATE system. 

Another function useful for diagnostics is the HCE-DT tool, which provides troubleshooting information after user authentication via HiMATE. In addition, the report generated by HiMATE allows improved fleet management through monthly reports sent by e-mail, including a summary of operations and a fuel consumption analysis.

“We are very happy with the new Hyundai HX300ANL excavator. The machine is very stable, fast and easy to handle. At the moment, the machine is mostly used in the quarry with the hydraulic hammer to split the blocks of marble. It is so powerful that, despite the arduous work it performs, we are not even close to using all the power it can give. In addition, compared to other models, we have observed a significant reduction in fuel consumption. What more could you want?”, concluded Graziano Paoli, joint proprietor of Versil Scavi.