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The HL975A CVT Wheel Loader - part of Hyundai’s A-Series: - is powered by a robust Stage V-certified Cummins X12 engine combined with a ZF Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). A range of new technologies have been integrated to enhance fuel efficiency, keep harmful emissions to a minimum and deliver the power you need for heavy-duty work in extreme conditions.

26500 kg


250 kW

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Precise operating systems help you to get the most out of this mighty machine, including optimised power matching for the ultimate balance of torque and RPM. Compared to conventional transmission, the Powerline concept can deliver fuel savings of up to 30%, depending on the application.

wheel loader hyundai hl975cvt in the field

Cummins X12 engine combined with a ZF Continuously Variable Transmission

Precise operation systems for efficient performance

All-in-one exhaust aftertreatment system which cuts emissions and operating costs

A cabin designed around you

“The adjustable seat and the positioning of all the controls make this machine incredibly easy to operate. I don’t get tired, even when I’m working long hours on tough jobs.”

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All in one exhaust after treatment system

The A-Series machines features our all-in-one exhaust after treatment system which cuts emissions and operating costs while enhancing reliability and simplifying maintenance. High-performing technologies ensure that environmental standards are met. This reduces servicing requirements while maintaining the engine’s high working capacity.

cvt system hl975a cvt wheel loader


The state-of-the-art ZF CVT-transmission offers optimised power
matching, continually changing the ratios of hydraulic to mechanical
energy (depending on load and speed) to keep the engine in a low rpm
range and offer smooth, seamless acceleration.